Admissions Rules

  1. Admissions to all the classes are ordinarily made in March & April for academic year starting in April. However children are registered for all the classes from January.
  2. Admissions are made on basis of first come first serve.
  3. Students coming from other schools should produce: -
    1. The leaving/transfer certificate from the school last attended / bonafide certificate.
    2. The progress report of his/her academic performance and co-curricular activities in that school.
    3. The original birth certificate & a copy of the same.
    4. The original Adhaar Card & a copy of the same .
  4. A calendar month’s notice in writing should be given by the parents before withdrawing a student from the school. Failure to do so will entail paying fees for the entire term.
  5. Students leaving school after December will pay fees for January, February and March also.
  6. All dues to the school should be paid before applying for transfer certificate.
  7. The transfer and other school certificates will be applied for in writing, one week in advance.
  8. The refund of caution money will be made only at the end of the session, on due notice.
  9. The Principal can at any time in the interest of the school have a student removed, if in the Principal’s sole discretion, the student or his/her parents/guardian fail to abide by the rules and regulations and in case there is lack of co-operation on the part of the parent in maintaining discipline of the school and his/her continued presence is deterimental to the interest of the other students.


Registration does not guarantee admission

Admission will be strictly on the basis of merit and interview